DISGUSTANG! Halloween T-Shirt


This t-shirt is inspired by the iconic meme of “Disgustang!”. It refers to a video where two little girls can be seen in front of their webcam; one is talking, when a woman that appears to be their mother suddenly enters the room, uttering her displeasure in a heavy Scottish accent about the toilet’s not having been flushed after someone (presumably one of the girls) had defecated; one of the girls then replies that “it wasn’t me,” and the mother, later identified as Lizzie Brash, retorts one of them must be the culprit, raising her voice before leaving. The two girls then look at each other for a moment silently, and the left one finally shuts down the webcam, ending the video.

Ideal for any true fans of Cher Lloyd and the Disgustang! meme.

T-Shirts are available in black with neon green lettering.


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